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Traveling from Miami to Key West by shuttle, bus, air, ferry or car has never been easier as it is today, the use of tour and transportation provider services and rentals are now available for the consumer with access to online reservations 27/7.

Enjoy Awesome Services at Miami to Key West Tours

Florida is home to two of the most beautiful cities in the United States, Key West and Miami. Key West is famous for its endless showcase of eccentricity. For those who aren’t familiar with the city, it seems strange at first sight but beautiful nonetheless. On the other hand, when people think of Miami, they usually end up thinking of beaches and glamour. That is exactly what this city offers and in huge dosages.

Tourism to these cities can be an utterly enjoyable experience. In Key West, you can enjoy an idiosyncratic journey from a Caribbean villa to expensive art galleries, literary festivals, and a few frat parties thrown in between. It is a fascinating tropical island where the beauty and the outlandish exist together. It is a whole different ballgame at Miami. This beach city is known as the magic city and that description is particularly apt. Its beauty has a mystical quality to it. The city breathes and lives glamour. Once you get caught in its spell, you will find it difficult to escape its charms.

When it comes to tours, you can take your pick from a variety of options to visit and experience Key West and Miami. There are many fun activities that you can participate in as well such as boating and parasailing. Here are some of the services that you can enjoy.

Key West Tours

The island of Key West is an interesting place. Eccentricity defines this place. On the one hand, you can enjoy frat parties and low brow attractions. On the other, you get classy attractions such as art galleries and literary festivals. There is no middle ground between these extremes. Then there is the island itself. It is intensely beautiful with its elegant Caribbean homes and romantic beaches.

There are multiple ways for tourists to enjoy their stay here. Tourism here can be divided into the city life and the aquatic one. Both of them are equally awesome choices. Being a tropical island, an aquatic tour is certainly on the cards. The reef is easily the most sought after destination for an aquatic tour. You can discover the mysterious reefs lying just under the beautiful waters with the help of a glass bottomed boat. You can also go up close to them by snorkeling. If exploration is what you are after, you need to visit Fort Jefferson. There are other exciting activities on offer such as parasailing. Don’t forget to watch out for the dolphins.

Options are also available when you are in search of something a bit more relaxing. Trolley tours are a good choice but you can also opt for train as well. The city can be just as enjoyable as the aquatic tour. Key West does have a rich history and you can explore that in its museums and galleries. It has a strong literary heritage and a long associated with Hemingway.

Touring with Glass Bottom Boat in Key West

Key West is famous for its stunning coral reefs. It deserves to be called an island paradise for this reason if not anything other. The world that lies underwater is so beautiful that it has become a must visit for any tourist in Key West. If you want a glimpse of what this fascinating world contains, you should opt for a tour with a glass bottom boat in Key West.

These boats contain a glass bottom surrounded by a viewing area. The underwater world will be presented to you through that glass. The great thing about this type of aquatic tour is that you will not get wet. You may be looking forward to enjoy the beauty of the coral reefs but do not want to get wet in the process. Therefore, if you want to remain dry, this is the best way to experience the marine beauty of Key West.

The glass bottom boat tour offered is a combo package. The amount you pay for this tour covers not only the expense of the boat but also the cost of the shuttle. You will be picked up by the shuttle and taken to the harbor where the boat is being kept. The tour operates on a daily basis. There were will be two tours every day. The first one starts at 12 pm noon and the next and final one takes place at 2 pm. The total time of the tour is 2 hours and thirty minutes. It is more than enough for a trip to and from the beautiful coral reef. During the tour, you will also be given a complete showcase and history.

Miami to Key West Tours

Miami and Key West are both beautiful cities. The journey between the cities can also be rather interesting. After all, you will be taken through some of the most scenic and beautiful spots that the state of Florida has to offer. This tour will take you on a drive along the scenic bay. It will be a trip that you not are likely to forget anytime soon.

There is a lot to enjoy during this tour. You can visit the Old Town which has quite a bit of history. It also has some memorable pieces of architecture. Those who love to shop will be looking forward to Duval Street. There are several entertainment options here along with restaurants dishing out tasty foods. You can follow it up by visiting the Studios of Key West. One of the most popular among the many historic armory buildings here, the Studios is a celebration of the artistic community. You should also include a trip to the awesome Botanical Forest and Garden which is the perfect destination for nature lovers. The arboretum here is filled with some lovely trees. For a bit of honest pirate’s treasure, the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum is another popular tourist place. The displays in the museum contain different treasures that were collected from various shipwrecks across the world.

The tour operates daily. It departs at 6.45 AM from Miami and lasts for around 15 hours. After the tour of Key West, you will be returning to Miami at 10 pm. At Key West, the return journey starts at 5:30 pm. However, visitors are requested to assemble 15 minutes earlier.

Parasailing in Key West

Key West has a number of things to keep hold of your attention. Be that as it may, you may end up looking for something exciting. As such, you should give parasailing in Key West a try if an adrenaline rush is what you are looking for.

Parasailing is inherently a very thrilling experience. However, it is better in Key West thanks to the incredible beauty that the seas and the coast that the city has to offer. As you hang on to the parasail high above the waters, you get to enjoy the awesome sights such as the beautiful coral reefs. The waters themselves are quite spectacular as well. You will also be able to catch glimpses of the gorgeous coastline with its lovely palm fronds and the sun kissed beach.

You should not have to worry about your parasailing experience. There will be certified instructors on hand to teach you everything you need to know to glide safely over the waters. They have considerable experience that they have gathered over years after all. They will even help choose the right drop zone for you. If you are interested a tandem skydive can also be arranged for you. You will be helped into the harness and secured completely to ensure safety.

Parasailing trips are available every day. There are four trips each day and the departure times for each trip are at 12 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm and 3 pm. A roundabout trip to the spot and back takes 15 minutes. You will be spending 30 minutes in the air. Two people can go up together on the parasail. You are required to bring your own towels and sunscreen.

Snorkeling in Key West

Among all the activities that you can enjoy while in Key West, snorkeling is one of the most entertaining. There are some very good reasons for that. For starters, Key West is surrounded by gorgeous blue waters. As such, it is a pleasure to swim around in them. Secondly, the world that lies underwater is thriving in Key West. There is also a coral reef. You can spend a lot of time in just roaming around the reefs and the corals, enjoying their beauty by getting up close. Snorkeling is, in fact, the best way to enjoy these sights. Of course, there are also dolphins that make your stay underwater rather enjoyable.

You will be taken on your snorkeling trip on a luxurious catamaran. You will be accompanied by trainers who will be teaching you the basics of snorkeling. They will give you the advice that you need to make the most of your trip underwater. You will also be given an introduction to the wonderful world that awaits you there. It is possible to snorkel for a long time indeed. Your trips underwater can last for as much as one and a half hours without any problem.

The money you pay for the trip will pay for a lot of things. You do not need to bring your own equipment. All the necessary equipment will be provided by the tour operator. You will be taken to a beautiful reef that you can explore to your heart’s content. During your trip back after snorkeling, you will be served with drinks including hard beverages such as wines, beers or rum punch.

Train Tours in Key West

Key West is certainly famous for its beautiful waters, stunning reefs and a city that is strange and yet lovely city. Key West is also famous for the Conch Tour Train which is one of its most popular tourist attractions and has been so for decades.

The Conch Tour Train has become a part of the heritage of Key West having first started in the year 1958. It offers a complete tour of the city and the incredible and rich history that it possesses. During the journey, expert engineers and staff members will be at hand. They will be sharing their own stories and even tell stories about the legends of Key West such as Ernest Hemingway. This train journey will be full of delights for the tourist.

The seats here are comfortable. The narrative provided by the staff and engineers are humorous and interesting. It is a rather novel way to enjoy the best that the city of Key West has to offer. Even better, the fact is that you can enjoy all of them at a relaxing pace that you will come to love.

The journey on the train lasts for 90 minutes and every minute of it will be enjoyable. There will be a number of stoppages during the journey. The destinations at each of the stoppages are highly interesting and very popular. You can certainly depart at any stoppage you want during the journey or go abroad. In short, you will be visiting all the important places in Key West in just one trip.

Trolley Tours in Key West

Key West is an island city that is full of wonders. One of the best ways to ensure that you do not miss out on any of the important attractions is by going on a trolley tour. The trolley tour is, in fact, one of the major tourist attractions that Key West has to offer.

One of the most amazing features about the Trolley Tour is that it is not simply a tour. It is also a complete experience on its own. During the tour, you will be treated to a narration about the history of Key West and the most important events that have helped shaped up this amazing city. It lasts for 90 minutes and covers the 400 years of the history of Key West. However, it is by no means boring. The narrators are professional guides who keep the story interesting and with humorous anecdotes wherever possible.

Additionally, the list of attractions that you will visit during the tour is pretty extensive. There are more than 100 places to see and experiences to be had during the tour. There are 12 stops along the line and each of them brings you to some of the best things that Key West has to offer. The trolley will stop at each stoppage for 30 minutes which is enough for a memorable experience.

The trolley tours can be enjoyed any day of the week you want.

Miami Tours

Miami is easily one of the most popular destinations of Florida. It is also counted among the most popular in the United States of America. There is a good reason for it as well. First of all, it has some of the glamorous beaches that the country has to offer. The city itself is equally glamorous. As such, it is a great place for an entertaining and enjoyable tour.

Miami has a lot to offer to the tourist. It boasts of a strong culture and a rich history. It is also famous for its pleasant subtropical climate. You can have a thoroughly reinvigorating stay here due to the ample availability of wide open spaces and the fresh air they contain.

One important point about Miami that you should remember while touring around is that the city can be divided into several neighborhoods each with its own set of characteristics. Each neighborhood also has its own significance in cultural and historical terms. The attractions offered by each tend to vary as well. A visit to the downtown will reward you with unique jewelry stores and cafes. There are also the upper class neighborhoods with fancy and classy fine restaurants.

Shopping is one of the popular activities to indulge in here. There are many shops from the cheap to the chic offering all kinds of items and jewelries for sale. If shopping is not what you fancy, you can take a boat ride to explore more of the waters around Miami. Boat tours can also take you to the nearby islands. A trip to Miami will be incomplete without a visit to the Everglades which is a haven for nature lovers.

The Triple Combo Offer: Everglades + Miami by Bus + Miami by Boat

There is much to see and experience in the wonderful city of Miami. Of course, there are the fantastic beaches to enjoy but that is not all. Wildlife is an equally appealing aspect of the Miami. The city also has a number of historically important spots that should be visited to get the true experience of Miami. As such, it is easy to confused as which spot deserves a visit and when. That is the reason why this triple combo tour service has been created. This offer combines three different tours into one so that you don’t miss out on the best of Miami.

The tour starts with a trip by bus to some of the most fascinating points of interest in the city of Miami. You will get the opportunity to visit some of the popular attractions and localities of the city. You will be taken to the historically important districts, the stunning beaches and even the hotspots of the exciting nightlife. Some notable stops include the famous South Beach and Little Havana which is the place you get to experience a bit of the Cuban culture.

The boat tour is equally enjoyable as you get to experience the seas and coasts of Miami. You will be taken to the amazingly gorgeous Biscayne Bay. This bay is dotted with beautiful little islands. Of course, the views provided are amazing. The most brilliant of the views is that of the skyline of Miami downtown that you will get while on the waters.

The combo tour will be concluded with a trip to the Everglades. This is a national park which is home to some of the rarest species, botanical and zoological, of the region. You will be taken through the Everglades with an airboat. If lucky, you can catch a glimpse of a manatee or an alligator. Wildlife experts will accompany you and provide you with information about the species which makes the tour educational as well as enjoyable.

Everglades Wildlife Show + Airboat Ride

The Everglades is easily one of the most amazing attractions that Miami has to offer. As such, a visit to this incredible place is a must when you are visiting Miami. This combo tour offer includes an airboat ride through the Everglades along with a wildlife show.

The Everglades National Park is filled with some rare species of the region such as alligators and manatees. The best way to enjoy the glorious beauty of nature offered by the Everglades is through an airboat. An airboat ride will take you on the waterways and help you catch a glimpse of the exotic wildlife that this nature preserve is famous for. If you are lucky you may even be able to see a glimpse of the alligator or manatee and take a picture with these noble creatures.

The tour through the Everglades is not just about watching nature in its resplendent glory. It is also educational. During the tour, an experienced guide will also be accompanying you. You will be able to enjoy a wonderfully engrossing narration about the Everglades and learn more about the fascinating creatures that inhabit the region. There is much for bird lovers as well such as herons and the Purple Gallanule Bird. It is also possible to arrange a private tour with an airboat.

The tour will provide you with transportation from the city of Miami to the Everglades. The costs of the tour also include the costs of entry into the park and the airboat. The tour takes around three and a half hours. The departure time for the tour is 9:30 am and another one at 1:30 pm.

Miami Bay Tour by Boat

The beautiful waters around Miami are perfect for a boat trip. This tour program consists of a boat ride on those glorious waters. The highlight of this trip is the visit to the lovely Biscayne Bay. The entire trip will be highly relaxing as you can sit back on the boat and enjoy the awesome views of the waters, the coastlines and the islands that dot the Bay.

You will be able to enjoy the sight of the beautiful coastline of Miami. The skyline of the downtown section of Miami is certainly beautiful but it is when you view it from the boat that you realize how stunning it actually is. There are similarly other awesome sights and skylines to enjoy while traversing the coast. Some of the more stunning ones include the Millionaire’s Row, Fisher Island, the Port of Miami and the Miami Beach.

You can enjoy guided narrations during the tour. These narrations are available in both English and Spanish. They will give you a complete showcase during the tour. You will be taken on the tour on a modern yacht. Apart from being stylish, they are very comfortable as well. The lower salon is equipped with air conditioning. You can head over to the upper deck to enjoy the fresh breeze of the seas. There will also be a fairly equipped bar where you can purchase your drinks from.

The tour around the Bay will last for an hour and a half. You can be picked directly from your hotel for free. There will be enough time during the tour to take pictures.

The Combo: Miami by Bus & Boat

When it comes to Miami, the city and the bay are two separate experiences. In order to enjoy both, this combo tour program is being offered. You will be able to enjoy everything that Miami has to offer with this tour. The tour around the city will take place via a double decker bus, which is quite an exciting way to roam Miami. After taking in the attractions of the city, you will be taken to the boat for the boat tour.

The boat tour will show you the splendid beauty of the Miami coastline and the bay. You will be able to witness the awesome skylines of Miami. The downtown skyline of Miami happens to be the best among them all. The boat tour will also take you some of the islands on the Bay such as the Watson Island. Duck tours also form a part of the itinerary.

During the entire tour, you will be accompanied by professional guides. You will be provided with a narration to make the tour more interesting. The narration will guide you through the history of Miami and provide a showcase of all the important attractions in the itinerary.

The bus stops at some of the more important attractions. It is possible for you to get down and make your own way to the boat ride. The boat tour starts at 10:30 am and it keeps operating till 7 pm. The tour also includes a free pickup from your hotel. Enough time will be provided during the trip for you to take pictures.

Miami City Tour by Bus

There are quite a number of attractions in the city of Miami for the visiting tourist to enjoy. Bus tours provide one of the best ways to take in all the sights that this fascinating city has to offer. The route planned for the tour will take you to all the important sights of the city.

The entire tour will be very entertaining. Professional guides will be present during the tour who will introduce the sights. There will also be guided narration that provides the historical backdrop of the city and showcases the many sights. The iconic landmarks will come alive as a result. The major sites covered by the tour are as follows. You will be visiting the famous South Beach, the beautiful Ocean Drive and the historic Art Deco District. Other sights include Downtown Miami, Coral Gables, Venetian Pool, Little Havana, Calle Ocho, University of Miami and Miracle Miami. You will also pass through the Millionaire’s Row which contains the gorgeous homes of many celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Lopez.

The great thing about the tour is that you don’t have to remain stuck with the tour all the time. You can get down in any stop that you wish to spend more time in and explore. Once you have had your fill, you can get up on the tour bus again at another stop. If you want, you can be picked up from your hotel for free. The tours take place every day. Enough time will be given during the tours so that you can get down, enjoy the sight and take pictures to your fill.

Orlando Tours

Orlando is a marvelous city in the state of Florida. It is famous for its theme parks but the city has so much more to offer. Of course, it is easy to restrict your visits to only the theme parks of Universal and Disney. However, you will be missing out on many other interesting things if you do that.

In Orlando, you will find neighborhoods lined with lovey trees. The performing arts scene is incredibly rich and varied. The gardens and the nature preserves are fantastic while the museums provide incredible fodder for thought. All of these encourage you to slow down and enjoy the city at a slower pace.

For a faster pace and some adrenaline rush, there are the theme parks. The Walt Disney World Resort has enough attractions to appeal to all age groups. The Universal Resort is where you want to be to relive some of the best moments from your favorite movies. Those who love nature or, more specifically, the marine life can head over to the SeaWorld. In order to become a child once more, take a tour through LEGOLAND.

There are other activities that you can try out in Orlando. Shopping is one of them. In fact, there are enough stores here to satisfy the needs of even the most obsessive shopaholic. More importantly, there is enough variety to suit all sorts of shopping budgets. The outdoors and sports are two other attractions available here. You can walk around beautiful gardens or hover above the city on a hot air balloon. You may ride through the swamps on an airboat or fly overhead in a biplane.

Orlando Tour from Miami + 1 Park

Orlando is a very enjoyable city with its multiple theme parks and beautiful neighborhoods and gardens. This package tour will help you enjoy the best of both worlds. You will not only be able to take in the sights that the city has to offer but also a theme park of your choosing.

You can choose to visit either Disney or Universal Studios. Both of them are equally exciting. Of course, each of them has their own attractions but they will be highly enjoyable nonetheless. As for the city, you can take in the many sights it offers under a pleasant climate.

The tour takes place daily and it lasts for 17 hours approximately. The departure time from Miami is at 6 am. A free pickup service can also be provided from your hotel.

Shuttle Transportation Services

It is easy to get transportation services such as shuttles in Key West. In order to truly experience everything that this magnificent island city has to offer, you will certainly have to travel all over the place. You can easily get a car or a shuttle to take you from one place to another.

Parking is not a problem if you are planning to restrict your stay and tours to the newer neighborhoods of the city. The problem arises when you wish to visit the Old Town and its surrounding areas. However, there can be private parking lots and metered spaces which can be hired out for the purpose.

Apart from cars, you can easily get taxi services all over Key West. Bike rental services are also available and in many cases they are offered by the hotels. Bicycling is another popular activity here. As such, cycles and mopeds can be easily hired.

1 Way Bus from Miami to Key West

While Miami is a fascinating place, Key West is no less marvelous. It is easy to visit Key West from Miami thanks to the bus service in place. For tourists, this can be an exciting journey. The bus will be travelling over 31 islands and a total of 43 bridges.

It takes a little more than 4 hours to complete the journey from Miami to Key West in this bus service. The fact is that there are stops along the way. You can disembark at these stops and take in the sights and click pictures before finally reaching Key West. Food can be purchased at these stops. There is much to enjoy at Key West as well.

If you opt for this service, you will also be provided with free pickup from your hotel. During the journey, there will be one stop of 30 minutes where you can disembark to get breakfast.

Orlando 1 Way Shuttle from Miami

Orlando is home to some very popular theme parks that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. It is possible to get a shuttle service to Orlando from Miami. Opting for shuttles can be a sensible decision as they tend to be very comfortable even on long journeys.

Once in Orlando, there is much to enjoy. You can certainly start by visiting the various theme parks in the city. The Universal Studios and the Disney Resort are easily the most popular of them all. However, there are others such as SeaWorld and LEGOLAND. The city has other things on offer as well such as amazing pieces of Art Deco architecture, lovely art galleries and mouthwatering restaurants.

The shuttles leave for Orlando daily. The trip can take 4 to 5 hours with the departure time being 6 am. There will be a stop so that you can take your breakfast. If required, you can be picked up from the hotel for free.

Orlando Round Trip Shuttle from Miami

This shuttle service can take you to Orlando from Miami and back. It is a great option for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the city of Orlando without committing to a long stay.

Theme parks such as the Disney Resort, the Universal Studios, LEGOLAND and SeaWorld are the major attractions of Orlando. The city also has a lot to offer to shoppers and art lovers. There are many shops that sell products at varying prices. Art Deco architecture and art galleries can be found here as well.

The shuttle trips to Orlando from Miami and back take place every day. It takes 4 to 5 hours to reach Orlando and a similar amount of time to get back. The shuttle leaves Miami at 6 am and it leaves Orlando at 7 pm. As such, there is enough time to take in the sights of the city. Free pickup service is also included in the package.

Round Trip Shuttle from Miami to Key West

There is no denying the beauty of Key West. As an island, it boasts of stunning coastlines and a distinctly Caribbean feel. As a city, you get to enjoy a variety of activities and attractions. You can indulge yourself in parasailing and snorkeling in the wonderful sea. The trip to Key West from Miami can be just as exciting as the destination. You will be taken over some pretty amazing places.

The shuttle leaves Miami at 6:45 am for Key West. You can catch the shuttle every day. It returns to Miami at around 10 pm. At Key West, the shuttle will leave at 5:30 am but people are requested to arrive 15 minutes earlier. During the trip, you will be provided with a comprehensive history of the region along with showcases of the attractions. This makes the trip all the more interesting. You will also be given a map of the city of Key West.

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