Train Tours in Key West – $29

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Price Includes

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arrow.gif Biggest reef in USA
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Train Tours in Key West Train Tours in Key West Train Tours in Key WestTrain Tours in Key West Train Tours in Key West Train Tours in Key West

Tour Schedule

  • Departure Dates: Daily
  • Departure Times: 12:00pm, 1:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm
  • Duration: 30 Mins.
  • Address Disclosed at check-out.


Key West Train Tour only = $29

Round Trip to Key West + Train Tour = $78


Schedule for full trip from Miami to Key West + Train Tour:

-Miami to Key West Distance: 170 Miles (272 Kilometers)
-Departure dates: Daily
-Tour Duration: Approximately 14 hours
-Departure time: 7:45/8:00 AM.
-Departure Point: Complementary hotel pickup within Sunny Isles Beach, Miami Beach & Downtown Miami
-Arrival to Key West: approximately 12:00 AM.
-Departure Time from Key West: 5:45/6:00 PM
-Departure Point in Key West: Mel Fisher Museum (Corner of Whitehead St & Greene St)



Train Tours in Key West

The train tours in Key West refer to the famous Conch Train Tour. It is the best train tour in the island and has been delighting visitors to the island city since 1958. As one of the most popular attractions of Florida, the Conch Train contains friendly staff members and expert engineers who delight travelers with legends of Ernest Hemingway and the lore of the enchanting tropical paradise that is Key West. This tour gives travelers a unique idea of the wonderful attractions of the place. In short, no vacation to this place is complete without the world famous Conch Tour Train.

The new Old Town Trolley Tours was developed in the island over 25 years back when the founders thought of a creative way of conserving the historic areas of the city. They came up with an entertaining as well as thrilling sightseeing tour. Thousands of visitors flock to Key West every year to see the attractions, enjoy the pleasant subtropical weather and savor a taste of paradise. After all, no other place on earth parallels this one. The Old Town Trolley Tours provide comfortable seating, interesting and humorous narrative and a unique way of seeing the best delights of the city at a pace that is convenient to the traveler.

The green and orange trolleys transport the guests around the city, showing them the most interesting points of interest and at the same time sharing with them fantastic stories which helped in the shaping of one of the most visited destinations of the country. From the colorful cast of the transplanted Conchs such as Ernest Hemingway, Harry Truman and James Audubon to the wonderful legends, poets, musicians and artists, which make Key West such an alluring destination, the Old Town Trolley Tours offer visitors the chance to take a look at the places and people who make the town so famous to travelers all over the world.

As you are on board, guests of all ages are provided with a 90-minute journey through Key West with several stoppages at the most popular destinations. You can aboard or land at stops which suit your liking through the day. Right from the Henry Flagler’s historic Railroad Museum and Mallory Square to the Duval Street and all of the stoppages in between, this tour is a representation of everything that is best in Key West. The knowledgeable conductors provide a historic and amusing description of the well-known sights and events.

Experience the best of transportation and entertainment, all under the same banner while you are on one of the train tours in Key West. This is your ticket to thorough entertainment. All you need to do is spend a few minutes in Key West to see a Conch Tour Train or Old Town Trolley passing you by. These are the two best ways of touring the island as they allow travelers to hop on and off as many times as they want during the day. It is an advantage as parking and driving around the small island can get quite tricky at times.



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