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Key West is one of the warmest and sunniest places in the USA throughout the year. The temperatures are around 75 to 80 degrees with the warmer days in between. The weather is perfect every day with passing showers which do not really last long like the fronts which people up north tend to experience. The Florida Keys are located closest to the equator as long as you are in the USA. Enjoy the tropical paradise like never before here.

Situated in the subtropical expanse of the western hemisphere, the Florida Keys are closest to the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Stream, with a moderate tropical maritime climate. Here, the average temperatures for the summer as well as winter months do not differ by above 10 degrees. No matter wherever you are in the world right now, it is likely that the weather of Key West is better than that place. If you are traveling the place on a summer’s day, Key West is 36° C or 97° F. This was back in 1880. At the height of summer, the average high in the region is around 32° C or 89° F.

There might not be any urban sprawl or superb highways to radiate the heat of the summer months, but then the island is surrounded by the cooling waters of the ocean. The people from the mainland flock to the place on summer weekends since the place enjoys a maritime climate and the temperatures are naturally lower. The temperature of the water might be within the mid-80s or around 30° C. However, the sea presents amazing options for the travelers for snorkeling, diving or taking a refreshing swim. In the winter months, frost collects in the mainland regions of Florida owing to the cold fronts, but then there is no cold in the Keys. The lowest temperature of all time here was 41° F or 5° C in 1981. Snorkelers and divers generally pass their time in their ‘shortie’ wet suits.

In the winter months, there is no rain any time. By late in May, the first thunders of the season start popping up. They do not usually stick around for a long time to spoil your day. For those who are worried about the hurricanes, the season starts in June, affecting the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of the USA, Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands. The season lasts up to the month of November.

The highest and most potential storms take place between August and October. However, the daytime weather remains one of the years’ most beautiful. Key West has a tropical savanna climate which is what is found in the Caribbean. Key West is the only city on the mainland of the US which never records a frost. It is also the sunniest city of the country.

The subtropical climate makes Key West a popular tourist destination. The annual daily average temperature is 78 degrees with a wet summer and a dry winter. Winter months here are warm and quite pleasant with clear skies. The summers are characterized with balmy weather and intermittent showers.

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