Everglades Wildlife Show + Airboat Ride – $39

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arrow.gif Transportation From Miami
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arrow.gif Airboat (Fan Boat) Ride
arrow.gif Live Wildlife Show

Everglades Airboat Tours + Wildlife Shows from Miami Everglades Airboat Tours + Wildlife Shows from Miami Everglades Airboat Tours + Wildlife Shows from Miami Everglades Airboat Tours + Wildlife Shows from Miami
Everglades Airboat Tours + Wildlife Shows from Miami Everglades Airboat Tours + Wildlife Shows from Miami


  • Departure Dates: Daily
  • Depature Times: 9:30 AM or 1:30 PM
  • Tour Duration: 3.5 Hours
  • Return Time: 1:30 PM or 4:30 PM (Approximately)



EVERGLADES TOUR DESCRIPTION Visit the Everglades National Park an exclusive natural paradise for their animal species get to know them thru an Air Boat Ride guided by the experts of the area & a wild life show, you could also try the unique fried alligator tail sandwich.(Not Include)

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Everglades Wildlife Show and Airboat Ride

A number of visitors associate the swamps and waterways of the Everglades with airboats and view it as a unique way of seeing the wildlife species of the region. The airboats are forbidden in all of the 2400 acres of the Everglades National Park. The airboat tours are allowed in a single section of the park. To avert disappointment, make sure you are fine-tuned with the present status of the airboat tours in the Everglades before planning your trip. The Everglades Safari Park welcomes visitors to the Everglades National Park for more than 40 years. The park operates various kinds of airboats and tours for private parties as well as groups.

The eco adventure tour is featured with an airboat ride of half an hour along with a complete narration of the ecosystem of the Everglades. The tour comprises an alligator wildlife natural show and entrance to the jungle trail of the park, exhibits and observation platform. You can have the chance of taking your photograph with an alligator. You need not make any reservations with the tours departing once in half an hour. The private airboat trips can be scheduled by special request. The national park can be toured with the help of a professional guide.

This tour includes island hopping as well as a sunset tour that is seasonally available. The airboat journey takes place through a stretch of 9 miles through the open saw grass and the Everglades National Park to allow the visitors to catch a glimpse of the alligator holes, spot the brightly colored Purple Gallanule bird, as well as search for herons, raccoons and turtles. The tours are instructive with enlightening accounts of the nature of Everglades, and can be customized according to your interests. Private airboat tours lasting up to a couple of hours are available too.

The itineraries of the tours incorporate the Coopertown Trail, the Blue Shanty Trail and the remote and uninhabited islands. The Gator Park is home to alligators, turtles and a host of exotic birds and other wetland species. The journey begins slowly at a canal, past the replica of a native fishing camp and then into a stretch of saw grass in which the only patch of dry land for the whitetail deer and the raccoons is a tree-laden island that is known as the Hammock. The professional guide helps you out by introducing you to the immense species of wildlife throughout the habitats.

Travelers can make the most of the alternative tours which include the boat tours. The boats traverse quietly so as not to disturb the wildlife. A narration is provided by naturalists who are trained according to the requirements of the park. Touring the saltwater stretches of the Everglades gives you the unique opportunity of seeing the manatees and the dolphins. Travel through the dense mangroves and brackish waters that are inhabited by the bobcats and alligators. Touring in the open-air trams over the prairies include an observation deck of 45 feet where you can watch birds and other wildlife species. You may even choose the kayak and canoe tours.

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