1 Way Bus From Miami to Key West – $39

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  • Miami to Key West Distance: 170 Miles (272 Kilometers)
  • Departure dates: Daily
  • Trip Duration: Approximately 4 hours
  • Departure time: 7:45/8:00 AM.
  • Arrival to Key West: approximately 12:00 AM.
  • Departure Time from Key West: 5:45/6:00 PM
  • Departure Point: Complementary hotel pickup within Sunny Isles Beach, Miami Beach & Downtown Miami
  • Departure Point in Key West: Mel Fisher Museum (Corner of Whitehead St & Greene St)


Pickup Locations

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1 Way Bus from Miami to Key West

The one way bus ride from Miami to Key West lasts for up to 4 hours. It spans 31 islands and 43 bridges to ‘America’s Caribbean Islands’. The Florida Keys are a string of islands which are bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Once here, you can experience a complete Caribbean ambience which is complete with street artists, restaurants and outdoor cafes. Spend your time out and explore the place on your own. Visit the house of Ernest Hemingway, The Mel Fisher Museum, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum, the Light House Museum, and the southernmost tip of continental United States or the Mallory Square, among others.

Some of the other things to do once you land in Key West from Miami are to engage in the snorkeling trip, get on the Hop on Hop off trolley and take a ride in the glass bottomed vessel. Travelers from Miami to Key West should consider riding in a motor coach rather than driving to the town on their own. The one way buses from Miami are new, clean and comfortable. Moreover, they offer restrooms as well as on-board Wi-Fi. While you are in the bus, you will find ample time to stay relaxed and refreshed, taking in the scenery and photographs, meet other people who are vacationing just as you are. The ride is less expensive than boating or flying.

You must not miss out on the local aquarium which is among the best attractions in the island. It is fun for the parents, grandparents and kids. The bus ride is tourist friendly. The package includes a map of Key West and a hotel pickup. There are other pick up points as well such as on Washington Avenue and 9th Street. If you are keen to go snorkeling, you are charged extra. To return to Miami later on, you can add a few extra dollars to the package price. Tourists get additional discounts in case they are keen on enjoying different kinds of other activities such as snorkeling, Jet Ski diving, parasailing or glass bottom boat riding.

In fact, traveling from Miami to Key West is a lot easier than you might have imagined. The distance between the 2 places is 160 miles and there are just too many ways out here using which you can make the most of your trip. All offer an excellent way of experiencing the local scenery. There are the buses or large vans that offer one-way trips. Most of the buses depart from the international airport, making regular stops along the way in places like Largo and Marathon.

The bus ride is a favorable option for the budget friendly travelers who want to cover the mist out of their money. The bus services depart from various areas in Miami and a ideal for travelers who are keen to travel in groups and chat with fellow passengers along the way. The buses can also be booked privately by traveling parties for special events.

1 Way Miami to Key West Shuttle Article

Simplify your journey from Miami to Key West by boarding a one way shuttle. The distance between both the destinations is an interval of 4 hours through a total of over 40 various islands that welcome travelers with their stunning and breathtaking beauty. You will love to see nature at its pristine best once you are traveling in the shuttle from Miami to Key West. At each of the stops, you are required to halt for a maximum of 30 minutes so that you can take in the delights of nature and store them away as fond memories.

During the break, tourists to the islet can purchase foods and other refreshments and take a break at the restroom. The arrival to Key West begins with a sightseeing trip at the Mel Fisher Museum in Greene Street around 11.30 in the morning. From there, travelers can enjoy a free time of 6 hours on the island for exploring its multiple wonders. The adventure begins at the Museum once all passengers get off the shuttle transportation. Traveling in small groups has its own joys since it allows you greater freedom to do what you want. You are not bounded by the needs of others for acceding to their requests.

The journey continues from there, with the driver taking you to the marina where you can get on board a catamaran ship that departs at 1 pm towards the coral reef. The boat will take you to the reef in a span of 35 minutes. Once there, you can take in the pleasures of the spectacular natural scenery and appreciate the underwater world in all its colorful charisma. Stay here for an hour and a half depending on the conditions of the water. After you are through, the guide will instruct you to board the boat and head back to the marina.

At 4.30 pm, you can enjoy the attractions and take in the sights of the island until sunset and seek affordable Key West accommodation according to your budget. For the first timers, Key West lies in the vicinity of Miami. It is roughly 161 miles or 259 km away, which means you will have to drive roughly for 3 hours to get there. However, this time is relevant to the traffic and highway conditions. A shuttle is the best way to travel here since there are no ferry services that are available to take you to Key West.

If you are traveling by bus, you must know that Key West is a very popular destination among different kinds of travelers. Hence, a number of people take the bus from Miami to Key West on a regular basis. If you want to avoid the crowd and the jostle, a great way of commuting could be the one way shuttle services. These are affordably priced for those who are looking for comfortable and hassle free transport options. Visit Key West and take in the succulent pleasures and have some of the most splendid memories in store.

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